Sweet Jane Studio products are well made but not precious and can be worn for any occasion -  to a birthday party or to the playground! Many Sweet Jane Studio clothes are appliquéd with images of animals that kids like but that are not too cutesy or cliche so parents can enjoy them too.

Have a special new baby in your life that you want to buy the perfect gift for?

Want clothes that can be outgrown and passed-down rather than worn-out and thrown away?

Like to buy kids clothing that are unique and adorable?

Enjoy supporting small businesses run by a mom of 3 kids who gets how wonderful it feels to buy kids clothes that are not only adorable but also super great quality?

Want clothes you AND your children will love to wear because they are bright and fun as well as comfortable and easy to care for?

Customers are absolutely thrilled with both the quality, attention to detail and originality of the clothing they buy. Kids love to wear the designs and, because they look so cute and whimsical on, parents have to stop themselves from buying everything in the collection.


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Why make kids clothing in Canada?

Making high quality, colourful and unique products for the little people in your life is important. All of our clothing is made in North America. Every girls' dress is handmade in Canada from start to finish and our onesies/shirts are made in the U.S. and then appliquéd at our studio in Edmonton, Canada. This definitely increases our labor costs. But, this way, we can confidently provide you with well made clothing that can be enjoyed over and over again by more than one child. 

This is me receiving my first sewing machine as a high school graduation gift from my Baba in 1994.


Thank you for supporting Sweet Jane Studio and buying handmade clothing for your Sweet little one! 



Owner, designer, creator, all round swell gal, of Sweet Jane Studio.