Is a mirrored closet safe for children?

Mirrored closet and children

Is a mirrored closet safe in a child’s room? This question worries all parents who choose furniture for their home. Such a structural design is the most popular today, so both bedrooms, hallways, and large living rooms are furnished with such models. But mirror glass is a shatterable material, just like regular glass, and in an apartment with an active and active child, its use can be dangerous. With an accidental impact, the canvas can break, and the sharp shards will hurt the child.

Despite such risks, a cabinet with a mirror in the children’s room can be installed. You should only know the mandatory safety rules that will prevent possible injury.

There is another problem associated with mirrors in children’s rooms. A child’s sensitive psyche does not always react adequately to reflections. At night, a mirror, placed opposite the crib, may cause illusory fears. Therefore, before choosing this option to furnish a child’s room, think carefully about where the furniture will be installed.

Ways to protect the design

There are several ways to help avoid shrapnel injuries:

  • gluing a protective film on the back of the mirrored cloths;
  • partially decorating the sliding doors with mirrors (in the upper part);
  • placement of the design in a deep recess.

If built-in closets stand in spacious rooms, the risk of accidental damage to the mirror surface is reduced. Smaller rooms are narrower, so bumps and collisions between a child and the door are more likely. A special play corner should be set aside for the child and teach him to play only in this area.

Safe mirrored front

Our company makes a closet with a mirror to order. Contact us and you will end up with guaranteed safe furniture. We use safe mirrored facades. The thickness of the cloth is 4 mm, the fastening is reliable and durable. The back side is laminated with an anti-shock protective film. When a force of over 110 kg is struck, the shards don’t fly around the room but stay in the door frame. Only the aesthetic side suffers since the facade is covered with cracks.

Another variant of protection is to put a mirror cloth between two transparent plastic plates (triplex). Built-in walk-in closets – custom walk-in closets and dressing rooms in London –

Advantages and disadvantages

The modern version of the compartment design has a number of advantages:

  • The main feature is a significant saving of space. Since swing doors require a certain amount of space for free opening, precious centimeters are turned into a zone not suitable for use;
  • High capacity due to the maximum use of volume: the use of an internal cabinet for linen or jewelry, as well as additional hangers and shelves. Retractable mirror in a closet compartment – an interesting way to install the necessary accessory;
  • versatility – a model of this configuration is appropriate in any interior. The most popular is the classic version – a two-wing closet compartment;
  • The possibility of individual filling. If you wish, you can arrange the necessary number of shelves, drawers, and additional niches inside;
  • Functionality – even a small closet can solve several problems. It can store everything you need: from clothes, and cosmetics to books and household appliances;
  • A wide variety of designs: texture, color design, decorative details (engraving, a variety of contrasting combinations). The most effective variant is a sliding-door closet with a photo print;
  • Reliability of design – with observance of the basic rules of care even a four-door compartment will serve as long as possible.

Along with the advantages of such models, there are disadvantages. They include:

  • the probability of deformation of the structure due to the use of an aluminum profile;
  • rapid wear and tear of the sliding system;
  • poor lighting – even bright soffits cannot illuminate the entire space of the mirror version if it is located in the hallway or in a darkened corner;
  • the need for periodic maintenance. Without proper maintenance of the guides, the sliding system can fail.

Facade design

When choosing the design of the front of a closet with mirrored doors you need to take into account two main parameters:

  1. The specific purpose of the room;
  2. The size of the product plus its design.

For their manufacture, various materials are used in combination with a mirror:

  • MDF;
  • bamboo;
  • colored glass;
  • eco-leather;
  • photo printing.

All types of mirror doors can be equipped with inlays of other materials:

  • colored glass for facades is a transparent surface, on the back side of which a film is glued, acting as an anti-shatter protection;
  • Bamboo is lacquered section of the plant, painted in pastel colors. Rattan inserts are also found;
  • eco-leather is created by embossing on a film with a fabric base. Closets with leather are not so common, but always look original and stylish;
  • Photoprinting is created by printing on transparent glass. On the resulting surface glued a white film, filling the gaps in the picture.

Facades are chosen according to the color scheme, depending on the purpose of the room:

  • for the children’s room will be an organic bright facade with a photo print;
  • in the living room, the selection of door material for cabinets depends entirely on the overall interior.
  • Bamboo is appropriate for the ethnic style. It combines well with frosted glass;
  • Closets with leather are perfect for modern classic design and rooms in the modern style;
  • photoprinting – for a romantic style;
  • light shades and decorative patterns – for the compartment in the Provence style.


Where to place it best

When selecting a door for the mirrored fitted wardrobe it is necessary to consider its compatibility with other elements of the interior in color and texture. If the cabinet is not too consistent in texture, you can put a picture on the mirror, which will be appropriate and engraved. Taking into account the location of the product, there are some nuances of its choice, with which it is worth familiarizing yourself in advance.

In the living room

In the living room, a closet with a mirror will perform the function of the wall, due to which it will seem more spacious. In this case, behind the improvised panel can be placed not only in a closet but also in a TV area or a compact cabinet. You can use a faceted mirror, bronze decorations, black frame colors, and combined decors.

If the cabinet is not built in, it may seem like a bulky spot. However, if you place it according to the geometry of the room, it will become an organic element of the interior. The shape of a trapezoid is considered the most optimal.

Double-leaf compartments usually take up little space, but also their location should be thoughtful. If there is a desire to visually hide the cabinet, it can be made without decorative elements. Making a compartment without mirrors is considered cheaper. But if you wish, you can decorate the front yourself.

In the bedroom

For the bedroom, the most often used compartment cabinets are mirror + bronze, and compartment cabinets with photo printing. Typically, full-wall cabinets allow you to put everything you need while creating a cozy effect due to the peculiar facade.

In the hallway

In the hallway, most organically look:

  • Wedge compartment cabinet with mirror;
  • Closets with a mirror panel;
  • Graphite dusting on the fronts;
  • Patterns with rhombuses and floral patterns.

If space allows for a large cabinet, the finish is suitable for standard engraving or photo printing.