Amazing Canadian Made Kids/Baby Products (not clothing) that you NEED to know about.

Here it is, folks! My first blog post, whoop, whoop!

This blog post isn't about me and what I make. I wanted my first post to be about other Canadian women who are making some of the most incredible and creative kids products I've ever come across.

There are TONS great independently made kids products out there. But I don't want to talk about the big obvious companies you're probably already familiar with. Usually those well known companies have business partners or investors or staff to help spread the word about what they're making and to help them actually make the stuff they sell.

The products I want to talk about are made by women who either have full-time jobs as mothers or are working outside the home in addition to taking the time to make what they sell. Like me, they are solopreneurs and do they do EVERY part of their businesses themselves. And, maybe that's why they are not as well known as other independent Canadian kids brands.

I admire all of these women. I've also had the pleasure of getting to know them and they're all wonderful people. So, in the spirit of sharing the love of independent, solopreneur, women-run businesses, meet:


Megan makes the most incredible kids and baby shoes I have ever laid eyes on. She works out of her home in Edmonton and has 2 young kids. Her products are so gorgeous and well made I get a little weak in the knees every time she posts something new. She sells via her Etsy shop. Or follow her on instagram: mwmeganwoods




Erin HAND MAKES sweet and endearing softies/dolls at her home in Saskatchewan, in addition to being a mom of 2 kids. You can see how much care and attention she puts into each and everyone she makes. I LOVE them all. And… she makes the best kids undies! My youngest 2 have several pairs and trust me, they rock. Erin sells via Etsy. Or you can visit her website where I suggest you sign up to her newsletter so you'll be the first to know when she posts new softies for sale.


Lindsey makes happy, bright and super soft hand dyed baby swaddles that I adore. Hand dyed products seem to be popping up all over and I love that she's applying this to cozy baby blankets. She works out her home in Edmonton and she'll be releasing a new spring line with new colours of swaddles soon! Stay on top of what she's doing on Instagram: lovieco or visit her website.


If you've got some special kiddos in your life and you want to get them something that has been made with the utmost love and attention, I hight recommend you check out these amazing women and what they're creating. 


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