These are the Best Sports Equipment for Children!

These are the Best Sports Equipment for Children

It’s the year 2000: kids are meeting outside on the football field or playing hide-and-seek in the neighborhood. A typical picture. Until this year it looked like this every day. What we couldn’t have known at the time was that this picture would change dramatically over the next few years. Technological progress does not even stop at the typical children’s leisure activities, so that movement now plays an ever smaller role.

A very sad development, in my opinion. But we can counteract this. What is needed is sports equipment for children that combines fun and exercise. That’s exactly what we want to look at together in this article. Have fun!

What characterizes good sports equipment for children?

The main characteristic of a good piece of sports equipment for children is that we don’t have to force the movement on them, but that the use of the equipment itself is so much fun that the child wants to move voluntarily. So the fun is definitely in the first place!

In addition, such a piece of sports equipment should be easy to use. A rowing machine, for example, is an excellent piece of fitness equipment for the whole body, and yet it is not necessarily the best choice for children because of the not so simple rowing technique.

The risk of injury should also be minimal, of course. You can’t completely prevent injuries during sports, of course, and yet the sports equipment should be suitable for children.

In addition, the loads of the respective sports equipment should also not be too high. A child’s body is of course not yet fully developed and is still growing, which is why fitness equipment with weights is out of the question.

In general, there should be no isolated fitness exercises for specific muscle groups, but rather a sports program for the entire body. The focus is therefore on the movement itself, and not on achieving specific fitness goals.

Sports equipment for children for the garden

The trampoline

The trampoline is still a fervent wish of many children. I still remember as if it were yesterday when I and my siblings were given a trampoline as a gift back then. The gleam in my eyes must have blown my parents away, too, and I remember exactly how we were active on the trampoline for several hours every day for the next weeks and months.

In principle, the trampoline is an excellent piece of sports equipment for children from the age of 5! Younger children should be cautious in that they should at least not bounce together with older, larger or heavier children, and alone only under the supervision of an adult.

It is actually a lot of fun for any child and provides plenty of exercise. In addition, when used conscientiously, it is considered very child-friendly, safe and healthy. A trampoline with a net and padding on the sides also provides additional safety.

The trampoline can also be combined with many other sports. For example, we used to try to throw a ball into the trampoline, while a person on the trampoline tried to make sure that it did not touch the ground. The possibilities are endless here and the kids can let their creativity run wild!

The slackline

The slackline is also a very good piece of sports equipment for children. Since I myself did not have a slackline in the garden in the past and could therefore only make a few (measly) attempts at friends, I have always managed only a few steps of the balancing act. However, I know that it is especially fun for children to train on the slackline, because rapid progress is visible.

In addition, the whole thing is of course optimal to train the sense of balance and to set new records together with friends.

The climbing frame

The climbing frame is one of the classics among the sports equipment for children, with which each of us probably connects a few nostalgic memories. The climbing frame is also a real perennial favorite, because as before, you can hardly get around it in terms of sports equipment.

In addition, the climbing frame naturally benefits from its versatility. In any case, it never gets boring here, because the sports possibilities are simply almost unlimited.

Climbing frames do not have to be limited to playgrounds. There are also very suitable models for your own garden. However, due to the great popularity among your child’s friends, it could subsequently lead to a real rush of children to your garden.

Indoor sports equipment for the nursery

Of course, children love to play outdoors. However, when it’s windy and stormy, it’s also nice to be able to play inside your own four walls. In the following, we will take a look at the best indoor sports equipment for the children’s room.

The wall bars

The wall bars are mainly known as gymnastics equipment and at first seem quite simple and monotonous. But there is much more behind it, because the wall bars are also a very versatile piece of sports equipment for children.

The wall bars often no longer consist only of the name-giving gymnastics rungs, but come as a true all-rounder. Many models, for example, also offer gymnastic rings, a ratchet, a swing, and much more, so that they could even pass as a climbing frame in their own right.

More sports equipment for children

With the mentioned sports equipment I have already presented you the best sports equipment for children in my eyes. But the selection is simply gigantic, so I would not want to deprive you of the following exciting options.

Running wheel

  • promotes balance and stability
  • safe and smooth transition from walking to cycling


  • high fun factor
  • social aspect

The best sports equipment for children

It’s time to bring more movement back into our children’s everyday lives. With the right sports equipment, fun and exercise are combined so that children enjoy playing sports. There are suitable solutions for the garden as well as for the children’s room. With the sports equipment presented by me, you should be on the right track here!